Lithium Carbonate (technical grade) 99.5%
Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate 96.0%
Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade 99.9%
Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous 99.0%
Lithium Acetate Dihydrate 99.0%
Lithium Chloride (technical grade) 99.0%
Lithium Sulfate Monohydrate 99.0%
Lithium Acetate Anhydrous 99.0%
Cesium Sulfate 99.5%
Cesium Carbonate 99.9%
Cesium Chloride 99.9%
Rubidium Carbonate 99.9%
Rubidium Chloride 99.5%
Lithium hydrogen phosphate 99.9%
Lithium hydroxide monohydrate 56.5%
Lithium Tetraborate 99.0-99.99%
Main Products

Lithium Carbonate (technical grade) 99.5%

Lithium Chloride (technical grade) 99.0%

Lithium hydroxide monohydrate 56.5%

About Us

Sichuan Brivo lithium Materials Co..Ltd. (Related to Lithium,Cesium,Rubidium) is mainly engaged in Lithium industry. Founded on January 2, 2014,with 5 million RMB registered capital.Abbreviation in English as BRIVO LITHIUM.
Our factory is located in Zhaozhen of Jintang County, Sichuan Province,China. We consider ourself as a professional company specializing in the scale production related to Lithium,Cesium and Rubidium.
A production line with 2000 tons annual output for Lithium, Cesium and Rubidium products in the nearest future.
Committed to show professional quality,regarding customers as our priorities,we always take the market’s demand for the guidance of our work,make our best efforts to meet all the actual and reasonable demands of customers.
We are so proud that our team holds core members with sophisticated,professional technology and solid marketing experience as well as a wide range of customers all over the world.In order to develop further business and serve more customers, we sincerely hope to know and get familiar with more permanent and high-quality business partners.
We will provide our customers,no matter domestic or oversea, with our best-quality products related to Lithium, Rubidium,Cesium. Hoping to make some remarkable progress with you!

Contact Us

BENEFICIARY : Sichuan Brivo Lithium Materials Co.,Ltd.
Billing Address: No.606 Wanfu Road,Xipu Town,Pidu District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China
Account No.: 22802414040000682
Swift Code: ABOCCNBJ220
Post Address: Room 2302Unit1,Block 1,606 Wanfu Road,Ppidu,Chengdu,Sichuan province,China
Zip Code: 610016
Salespeople: Mr.Xiao 18180651282 ,13982038279
  Ms Chengying Xue 18562606037

Ms.Anna  18108176582/13540637818

350831910@qq.com       pengdingqiong@163.com

Ms Chengying Xue 18562606037 ,503225347@qq.com(Qingdao Office)

Office Tel: 13982038279/18108176582/13540637818 
Fax: 0086-28-83179119
Website: www.brivo-lithium.com   norsk-ortodoks.com
E-mail: 350831910@qq.com,

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